About us

HI Weldrick Ltd (trading as Weldricks Pharmacy) have a pharmacy tradition dating back to the 1930s when our late founder’s grandmother opened her first pharmacy in Doncaster Town Centre. Remaining true to her vision our business remains 100% family owned.

With a commitment to community healthcare we have steadily grown to 63 pharmacies, still concentrated in South Yorkshire with over 600 trained staff including over 80 pharmacists, 9 of who are clinical pharmacists. We have had an internet presence since 1998.

In recognition of our commitment to employee development and ultimately customer service we were the first independent pharmacy in the UK to be awarded the ‘Investor in People’ (IIP) standard in 1993. In 1994 our training programme for Pharmacist Assistants achieved ‘National Training Award’ recognition. We are current holders of ISO 9001: 2008, having initially achieved the ISO Standard in 2001.

Our ongoing commitment to staff development ensures the Weldricks team are able to provide exceptional healthcare advice and service both to our local and online communities. While our aim is not to make any mistakes we recognise they will happen occasionally. When they do we commit to communicate with our customer, do our best to put the problem right, then identify the cause of the error and learn from it.

Listing over 8,000 health and beauty products and prescription medicines, it is our aim to meet your needs in a professional manner.

Our on-line service is supervised by fully qualified pharmacists. All medicine sales are authorised and checked before being despatched to you. If necessary we may contact you to ask further questions and ensure that the medicine is suitable for you. Our on-line customer service team are available to give professional healthcare advice in a confidential environment either by email or telephone.