About Sport:80

We established Sport:80 in 2012 following the realisation that the sport sector was being hampered by a significant technology gap.

Having worked in the sport sector for many years we had seen how the organisations that govern and manage sport were being under-serviced by technology. This saw these organisations experience widespread inefficiencies, an inability to tap in to the value of data and being unable to generate meaningful online engagement with those participating in sport.

In response, we built a suite of products aimed at disrupting and modernising the sector; all of which are built around our flagship solution, the Sport:80 Platform. This product is best described as an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system designed specifically for sport. This cloud-based technology enables governing bodies, sports organisations and clubs to manage their businesses from a single system whilst also allowing them to deliver online services to athletes, coaches, officials, volunteers, supporters and so on.

Today, the Sport:80 Platform is used by a growing global community of sports organisations. It is complemented by a suite of ‘bolt-on’ products including an email marketing tool, website builder and app.

We have risen to the top of our market in a short space of time; something we put down to our ethos of being first and foremost for the good of sport. Our company was formed with a long-term vision to help create a sustainable future for sport by enabling sports organisations to harness the power of technology for operational and commercial gain.

We have built our company around our values and we are fortunate to have a team of people that live and breathe them. For anyone that knows or works with us, they appreciate our welcoming and relaxed atmosphere. That’s not to say that just because we don’t wear a business suit every day, that we’re not a highly driven and focused group of people.

At Sport:80 we have created a culture that ensures we never stray from our values, our goals, or the high standards we hold ourselves accountable to. We will continue to grow, create new products and enter new markets to help sport unlock the power and value of its communities.