Needing staff? Speak to the professionals.

More than 74%* of our work comes from repeat customers, however, we are always keen to meet employers who want to understand how we do what we do and what makes our approach to a sometimes crowded market unique. Talking to us is just the start of our journey together and will help us understand exactly what makes you unique.
*2014 data


Brewster Partners Recruitment Group understand that recruiting staff can be a complex and time consuming process. We are experts at building an unrivalled attraction strategy to source the best and most suitable permanent candidates and our processes have been structured to ensure compatibility with the roles that our clients are endeavouring to fill.

In order to provide the exceptional level of service that our clients expect, we always meet them regarding their needs, usually within one week, to fully understand their business objectives, specific requirements and the culture of their organisation. We also perform a comprehensive assessment of all candidates prior to being introduced to clients, and yes, we do meet ALL candidates personally. We also perform psychometric testing on all short-listed candidates to share with our clients and work in partnership with both parties to develop the desired outcome for each.

Our consultants have a blend of knowledge and experience and as such have a network of talent at their fingertips, saving you precious time, effort and facilitating the best outcome for your work-force.

Temporary &
contract recruitment?

For many organisations, spikes in activity mean that temporary and contract recruitment is a vital staffing strategy and as such they need flexible staff that can hit the ground running and have the skills to perform.

Brewster Partners Recruitment Group can provide temps and interim staff at all levels and we work diligently to maintain our networks and to find the best and most flexible talent to fill the gap at those critical times when your business needs them. We ensure that all temps and contractors are screened to ensure up-to-date compliance, which in turn minimises your administration time and gives you more flexibility within your organisation. Using temporary staff can also reduce an organisations overhead if they do not have a payroll department. Temp recruitment can also be a useful tool for testing out a prospective employee on a temporary level and can also help mitigate risk should any unforeseen employee issues arise.

Companies that are looking to expand quickly or restructure and need expert senior experience can also benefit from the high quality transferable skills and entrepreneurial outlook that an Interim Manager can provide as well as many seasonal businesses that may only need that expertise for a few months of the year.

At Brewster Partners, we not only pride ourselves on our network of temporary and contract staff, but also our understanding of the catalysts and motivations for hiring staff and we are perfectly placed to mobilise the work-force you need.


Brewster Partners Recruitment Group are experts in multiple assignments at the more complex executive level where the number of hires needed can range from three to larger volumes such as 40 upwards at varying levels of ability and salary.

However, prior to undertaking such assignments, we pride ourselves on appraising your hiring needs and developing a structured solution to your situation. Having a proven track record assisting both regional and nationwide FTSE 250 organisations with offices across the UK, we have a huge amount of experience in implementing and delivering successful assignments and have an enviable 100% fill record to date.

Using an integrated approach, we utilise the widest number of tools available in the recruitment industry to ensure the assignment runs smoothly, from online advertising and our professional networks to dedicated branded micro sites and social media as well as many other tools in between. In fact, we advertise in more places than most national recruitment agencies and have the professional, experienced consultants to deliver the best service available.

All assignments are dealt with professionalism and confidentiality and, at Brewster Partners we look to target, screen and personally meet all the candidates we recommend to our clients.


Our executive search process starts by gaining a detailed understanding of the unique characteristics, medium and long term goals of each client, the specific leadership roles and competencies needed to meet those goals, and the culture of the organisation. Focusing on these underlying qualities allows us to take a broader, more creative approach to identifying potential candidates which is a key requirement of search exercises in the modern market. Our consulting team draws on its high-level professional networks, industry knowledge and internal research resources to give it a broad reach in identifying potential candidates.

Our assessments service provides our clients with a range of high-quality evaluation and development solutions to give support to leadership recruitment processes, to evaluate the existing leadership potential and to identify and develop future leaders as part of an existing talent management strategy.

We also offer Competency Based Evaluation to assess previous experience and predicted performance of incumbent executives and expert industry perspectives based on our long term business relationships that cover a variety of sectors as well as private equity / venture capital, Plc and other challenging business environments.

We undertake confidential research to offer insights into the better understanding of competitor talent, assistance and give support to in-house recruiters as well as compiling direct feedback and understanding of potential employees perception of clients business.

Additional advisory services include:

  • Compensation benchmarking
  • Referencing
  • Succession planning and talent pipeline management
  • Recruitment process design

Assessment and

Psychometric testing is, in a nut shell, the measurement of the mind. It is becoming an increasingly popular tool to assist in the recruitment process and to help potential employers get a better overall evaluation of a prospective candidate, their strengths, abilities and personality, key factors in determining their ‘fit’ within an organisation.

The test can be used for all levels of candidate, from graduate or junior level, up to senior and director level in measuring their existing ability and future potential.

Psychometric testing can determine a variety of attributes including intelligence, character and behavioural traits, critical reasoning, working style and motivation. By understanding your staff motivation, you’ll be able to harness this for the benefit of the organisation and unlock that individual’s potential.

Brewster Partners conduct assessment and psychometric testing on our premises in a safe and professional assessment centre environment and use simulation exercises as a method of reproducing real life workplace situations in order to evaluate a candidates ability and competencies.

Psychometric testing is also a means of screening a large pool of candidates and eliminating a large amount, leaving a smaller number best suited for the position and significantly reducing time and workload.