Why work for us

Built on strong core values, we offer a fantastic autonomous working environment and give genuine development and support to all our team. With great people, unique ideas and the latest technology, we’re leading the future of earthworks, landscaping and grounds maintenance.

NT Killingley are:

  • Proud of the Accreditations and Certifications – Our Engineering, Earthworks, Hard Landscaping, Surface Dressing, Soft Landscaping and Ground Maintenance departments are all fully accredited and certified
    See our certificates here
  • Award Winning – We are immensely proud of the awards that we have won. Each one represents the hard work and dedication of the NT Killingley Hard Landscaping and Soft Landscaping departments
    See our awards here
  • A Dedicated Workforce – We have a very low annual turnover of staff at just 6% (UK average employee turnover rate is 15%)
  • Programme Driven – As part of our IMS (Integrated Management System) we monitor our performance to ensure that we deliver an on-time and in-budget service tailored to our customers requirements
  • Dependable – Customers are kept informed of progress, changes, programmes and financial forecasts. It is working in collaboration that builds trust and our reputation
  • Professional & Safe – It is vitally important to us that we keep our staff, our clients and the public safe. The right training and certification is a key factor in our day-to-day activities
  • Innovative – Being at the forefront of technology is what sets us apart from others. A continual investment programme provides greater efficiencies, accuracy and cost savings to our customers
  • People Orientated – We help our people reach their full potential. Our training and development programmes provide a well-balanced, experienced, competent, qualified and happy workforce
  • A Team with a Can Do Attitude – Our staff focus on delivering highly productive and high-quality work that benefits our customers. When we face a challenge we learn, we solve and we grow
  • Committed to the Community – Our aim is to make positive contributions to the community, society, our employees and to build partnerships with other groups and organisations. At NT Killingley we provide funding for charitable donations, sponsor nominated causes and local sporting initiatives. Our people are involved in the selection of charities and events that we support.