Why learning and development needs to be a priority for employers

Published: 8th November 2021

Why learning and development needs to be a priority for employers

The COVID-19 pandemic brought with it a whole host of challenges for both businesses and individuals. Organisations had to create and develop new business models in order to be able to survive. They had to adapt to deal with changes in customer preferences and needs and had to adjust to entire workforces working from home virtually overnight.  

Whilst there were many downsides to the pandemic, it has now given way to new opportunities and roles for organisations who are willing to embrace them and who want to move forward, to progress, to grow and to become more and more successful. In order to be able to achieve this, they have to think carefully about how they can harness the skills of their existing employees to the fullest; and learning and development is key to this.

Employers need to prioritise learning and development if they want to hold onto their best talent as well as attracting new high-quality talent.

Upskilling and reskilling current employees to utilise them in roles that an organisation needs as it evolves and develops, benefits businesses and helps with employee retention. A recent survey revealed a massive 93% of employees said they would stay longer at a company if it invests in their career development, showing just how crucial this factor is in retaining talent. [source

The pandemic has changed the world of work forever and has changed employees’ expectations too. More and more individuals now want flexible working opportunities and the chance to design their own career rather than have it dictated to them by their employer. This means that learning and development opportunities must also be in place for the remote workforce and many organisations simply don’t have the resources in place at present to offer this. Investing time, effort, and budget into ensuring learning and development is available, assessed and prioritised both for staff in the workplace and those who are remote is vital to ensuring the best results.

Learning and development opportunities and programmes should also be regularly considered to see if there are any gaps or improvements that could be made. Regular reviews with each team member about where they think they are going in their career, what they could improve upon, what skills they’d like to learn and everything else related to learning and development are incredibly useful. They help to identify learning objectives that can then be built upon to create clear learning goals to work towards.

The COVID-19 pandemic changed so much in the world of work, but one thing that remains the same is that organisations who wish to attract and retain the highest quality talent must work hard to understand the wants of their employees. They must therefore strive to offer flexible and attractive working models that will appeal and must offer clear and consistent learning and development opportunities. In doing so, they’ll capture the attention of talented individuals who they can work with to help their business thrive and reach new levels of success.

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