The importance of innovation in the workplace

Published: 14th July 2020

The importance of innovation in the workplace

‘Innovation’ has become something of a buzzword in recent years and often it’s thrown around without any real focus or clarity. In fact, innovation is represented by new ideas, devices and methods, and also refers to the process of determining new ways in which to do things. It too can mean adapting and making changes in order to achieve better products and services, and the modification of business models for success.

Innovation is crucial in the workplace as it gives organisations an edge over their competitors, the ability to grow more easily, and makes them exciting places to work for employees.

Being innovative can mean many different things but these are some of the most important things that can have real impact…

Streamlining Processes

Innovative ideas don’t have to be huge in order to be effective and make a tangible difference. In fact, some of the best innovations are just small changes to the way in which things are done that can make big differences overall.

It might be as simple as streamlining processes for customers and internal clients, or changing the way in which something is done within an organisation that saves a lot of time and therefore a lot of money. Innovative thinkers are the people who will actively try to change things up in order to streamline processes and make things run more smoothly.

Organisations often get set in their ways and always do things in the same way they’ve done for years without stopping to think about how it can be improved. Someone who’s willing to shake things up and offer ways in which things can be changed to offer real benefits will be a credit to any organisation.

Problem Solving

Problems and hurdles are as inevitable in the workplace as they are in everyday life. Innovative thinkers who are able to produce creative solutions and ideas are always going to be far more useful than those who simply get frustrated and focus on the problem instead of a solution and a way to work through the issue.

Innovative thinkers are usually more adaptable than others and can quickly move into a new way of thinking when a problem occurs. This allows for quicker solutions and more time for organisations to recover.

Collaborative Thinking

Innovative thinkers are generally better able to work with others and the best ideas often emerge when several people are batting ideas back and forth together. It’s that age old phrase of ‘two heads are better than one’ and this can be when great new ideas and innovations can be thought up that will help organisations improve and grow.

Think outside the box

The most innovative people are those who are able to think outside of the box and outside of the ordinary scope. Often some truly great ideas can be garnered by looking at other industries to see how organisations in other sectors do things. By always looking at our competitors within the same industry, we may be missing out on new concepts and ways of doing things that exist within other industries and could be adapted to suit.

Innovative thinkers who are able to identify areas for change will be able to streamline processes and solve problems for organisations and are therefore indispensable. Having employees with a creative mindset can make all the difference to an organisation, so whenever innovative employees are found, organisations should try to hold on to them at all costs. Supporting and nourishing these individuals and encouraging them to put forth their ideas for all areas of the business will ensure maximum benefit for the organisation and an employee who feels valued, trusted and respected.