How to be a successful and efficient executive leader

Published: 3rd November 2021

How to be a successful and efficient executive leader

When it comes to the characteristics of effective and successful executive leaders, of course there are many differences that set apart one executive from another. However, generally there are some things that all executives share. Let’s take a look at what those are…

Getting Priorities Right

Effective executives are able to prioritise in order to keep tasks flowing and get things completed. They’re also able to recognise when priorities change and redistribute their own time or delegate tasks differently accordingly. The best leaders don’t stick to a plan no matter what. Instead, they have the vision to recognise when something needs to change and are agile enough to be able to do so.

Making A Plan

There’s no point diving into something headfirst without first stopping to consider all elements and what is going to be the smartest way to achieve the desired outcome. Considering everything carefully and making a detailed plan that takes into account any restraints or potential setbacks, regular review points and anything else that may be relevant to a project is essential.

It’s vital, however, that the plan still allows for flexibility, as changes inevitably happen and must be accommodated for.

Making Considered Decisions

Executives are in charge of making a lot of decisions every day; some large and some small. This means good decision-making skills are a must and so is using all of the available information to make sure those are informed and considered decisions.

Periodically reviewing past decisions to ensure they’re still the best for the team, project or task is also a good idea as it means decisions that may not have been the right ones can be picked up and changed before they cause too much damage. When done in the right way, this can be an extremely powerful tool for self-development for executives.

It’s also important to take ownership and responsibility for decisions that have been made and not make excuses if something goes wrong because of a decision you’ve made. Being able to take accountability when things go wrong is one of the hallmarks of an excellent executive.

Communicating Effectively

Successful executives are good at communicating with their teams and with other executives and leaders around them. When communicating, they’re able to describe exactly what they need and why and what is required of individuals clearly and concisely.

They also share information and plans with those around them and aren’t afraid to ask for opinions and receive feedback in order to do the very best job they can.

Having A Positive Mindset

A positive mindset means looking for the positive aspects of things, however negative they might at first seem. For executives, this can mean looking for opportunities where it may seem there are only issues and seeing problems as things that can be improved upon for future and learned from.

Treating challenges as opportunities rather than seeing them as something negative and channelling that mindset down through the rest of a team can make a massive difference to motivation and productivity levels. It can also help team members stay engaged with their tasks and in their roles when they see executives acting in this positive way.

Making Sure Meetings Are Productive

There’s nothing worse than a meeting that could have been an email. It’s a waste of everyone’s precious time and can be dull, demoralising, and counterproductive. Effective executives know what things require meetings and what don’t.

They also know how to structure meetings so that they’re as efficient as they can be without taking up too much of everyone’s time. They should recognise that different types of meetings require different forms of preparation by them and by others who will be contributing to the meetings and they should plan for this accordingly.

Really great executives all have different personalities, values, skills, strengths, and weaknesses, but one thing they all have in common is that they get the most important things done. Executives who already possess the above skills and traits will be well-placed to do just that and can work on developing other skills to compliment these as they learn and develop.

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