Google Digital Garage opens in Sheffield

Published: 28th April 2017

Global tech giant Google have today (28th April) opened their latest Digital Garage in the centre of Sheffield. Digital Garage is part of Google's ongoing commitment to improve digital skills in the UK, and the Sheffield site is the first Digital Garage outside of London to be based in a city centre. Digital Garage provides free digital skills training by a team of 12 expert trainers and is based around Google's three principles of: the best digital skills training being offered for free, the acknowledgement of different starting points of those that attend the sessions and thirdly that the training offered should be accessible - Sheffield's Digital Garage certainly lives up to this point with its city centre location and commitment to open 7 days per week with later evening session provided.

At Brewster Pratap we wholeheartedly support this initiative in Sheffield. Our clients consistently tell us that digital skills are increasingly towards the top of their lists of requirement for an increasing number of roles, and this goes well beyond what many see as traditional digital related job requirements. Indeed, recent research by the British Chambers of Commerce suggest that 3 out of 4 businesses in the UK lack the digital skills they need, so the opening of Google's Digital Garage in Sheffield can only be a positive move forward for the regions businesses and residents.