Brewster Pratap - Investing in People

Published: 13th August 2013

Brewster Pratap Recruitment Group has reached yet another milestone with the achievement of the Investors In People (IiP) accreditation and this achievement is doubly impressive given that the group has only just reached its 2nd birthday having started trading in July 2011.

Partner Lisa Kirby said: "We are obviously all delighted and I would like to thank every member of the team for sharing my enthusiasm and aspirations for Investors in People, and demonstrating their commitment to continuous improvement through our people.  The IiP standard is one of the essential building blocks we were looking to achieve through which to further grow the business.” 

Partner Nik Pratap added that "Investors in People recognition is an important achievement, but it is a milestone on a journey.  Gaining IiP status recognises a major investment by our business in the skills and capabilities of our staff.  It is also one of the most respected benchmarks of excellence and a reflection of the commitment it takes and the standards that need to be reached in order to obtain IiP accreditation." 

Brewster Pratap’s IiP Champion, Lis Luke also said  “Investors in People gives people the assurance that they are working for an organisation that cares about improving performance and realising together common objectives through the effective encouragement and development of their people.”

The Investors in People achievement adds to other recent recognition for the Brewster Pratap Recruitment Group which underline the group’s commitment to a Positive Working Environment, staff development and equality and diversity.  Areas that the IiP Assessment Team felt were strengths across the Brewster Pratap business included:

  • The processes for identifying and delivering learning and development
  • The inclusive nature of the business
  • Pride in the Company
  • Support for new staff
  • Partners look after their staff extremely well, with a well thought out reward and recognition strategy
  • People are given the freedom to do their job
  • The Partners are supportive and recognise the contribution of their staff, who feel valued
  • Suggestions for improvement are taken seriously and implemented wherever possible

The IiP assessment team also commented that “The Company is relatively new, and has taken the time and effort to build best practice into its infrastructure. This means that it is, in many respects, working well above the Investors in People Standard”.