Brewster Pratap Accountancy & Finance 2017 salary report available now

Published: 9th January 2017

Brewster Pratap Recruitment Group are pleased to announce the release of our Accountancy & Finance salary survey for 2017 aimed at professionals across the Yorkshire, Humber and East Midlands regions. We have pulled together more data than ever before, utilising our extensive resources and CRM system, and evaluating all of the intelligence we have gained over the past year. We've also analysed every inch of data we could find and deem to be relevant from a variety of reports available in the wider market. 

In doing so we have accumulated a huge database of statistics that allows us to dig deeper into the real facts and provide real figures that any employer or employee might need to help guide them in 2017. To read more about the trends and challenges that face the Accountancy & Finance sector, please click here to access our publications library.