Benefits of an effective Recruitment and Selection policy

Published: 17th June 2019

Benefits of an effective Recruitment and Selection policy

Recruitment can sometimes be frustrating with all of the policies and procedures that there are to follow. There is a vacancy in your team and you want it filling as soon as possible to get your team back up to full capacity, but it’s not always that easy.

Although it can sometimes seem like another hoop to jump through, having an effective recruitment and selection policy ensures a transparent and fair recruitment process that helps HR/Recruitment professionals to select the right candidate.

But what exactly are the main benefits of having an effective and rigid Recruitment and Selection policy:

Transparency in the process
Following policy procedures means that all parties involved are well informed where they are at every step in the recruitment process, thus giving everyone confidence that the end result will be met. Transparency is also very encouraging for a candidate, keeping them informed at every possible point increases their confidence of the business they are about to join.

Allowing for merit-based hires
With an effective procedure in place, the risk of any level of discrimination can be totally eradicated. It means that each application is considered in the same way, regardless of the sex, gender, nationality, race or age of the candidate. It also provides a level of reassurance to the candidate involved as it means they can take legal action at any point if they feel their application is being discriminated against.

If a recruitment process isn’t consistent naturally it will give inconsistent and inaccurate results. To avoid this it is essential to ensure that the recruitment and selection process is the same for every candidate to prove their effectiveness. We advise that a standardised, pre-developed process it applied at all times. Finally, references should always be taken with every hire, again to achieve a level of consistency.

When a business is displaying and practicing an effective recruitment and selection policy, it demonstrates to potential employees that they have a high level of credibility and will encourage them to apply. Sadly, in this day and age there are an abundance of companies that transpire to be fake.

Help to write job descriptions
With an effective recruitment and selection process, businesses can easily put together job descriptions that are accurate and clearly highlight which tasks will be performed for a particular role.

In conclusion, recruiting the right staff into your business is crucial as it helps reduce staff turnover and can result in faster growth for your business. A huge part of getting this right lies with a successful and efficient recruitment and selection policy.