About us


Sheffield Forgemasters can trace its origins back to a small iron, steel and engineering firm in the centre of Sheffield in 1805. Since 1865 it has operated from its River Don site where the largest steel castings and forgings in the western world are now produced.
Integrated design, melting, casting, forging, machining and inspection capabilities are combined to manufacture complex components for a variety of industries including Defence, Nuclear, Offshore and Steel Processing.


Sheffield Forgemasters exports its products in the UK and around the globe, with the Defence sector currently dominating their order book. International sales offices are based in the United States, Germany and China and Sheffield Forgemasters has substantial representation in many other countries worldwide. A variety of forged rolls from 3 tonnes up to 170 tonnes are supplied to the world’s leading steel and aluminium mills and large cast housings support new mill build. Offshore castings and forgings predominate in the North Sea and Gulf of Mexico and substantial quantities of high profile products are supplied for nuclear applications.


Sheffield Forgemasters is probably best known for its engineering design innovations in the nuclear pressure vessel and offshore oil industry. Many thousands of these ‘in-house’ designed components have been delivered worldwide. Other innovations include specialised welding techniques for pressure vessel assembly and new methods for manufacturing very large forging ingots.