About The Company of Cutlers in Hallamshire

The Cutlers’ Company was established by a parliamentary Act of Incorporation in 1624; its purpose was initially to maintain the standards and quality of Sheffield manufactured cutlery but it has evolved over time and its primary purpose is now to promote manufacturing and the Sheffield City Region building on its proud heritage and highlighting quality and innovation.

There are some 360 Freemen of the Company all of whom qualified on joining by being director or senior executive of a manufacturing organisation or work in the field of research in support of manufacturing. There are also 50 Friends of the Company who are businesses who support manufacturing or the Region and who wish to be associated with the Company. This provides a network of people involved in manufacturing and the Region who can share ideas and opportunities.

The Company maintains the profile of manufacturing in the Region through the platform of the Master Cutler and also through major events at its Hall, such as the Cutlers’ Feast. Local dignitaries and people of influence from outside the Region attend these events and have the opportunity to meet real manufacturers.