A message from the Master Cutler

The Cutlers’ Company was established by a parliamentary Act of Incorporation in 1624; its purpose was initially to maintain the standards and quality of Sheffield manufactured cutlery but it has evolved over time and its primary purpose now is to promote manufacturing and the Sheffield City region building on its proud heritage and its reputation for quality and innovation.

After nearly 10 years, the current Chief Executive will retire from his post during 2020 and the Company is looking to identify and appoint a suitable successor. The role is to run the Company, and its associated Charities on a day to day basis reporting directly to the Master and Members (Board). This includes the provision of support to the 360 Freemen and 50 Friends whilst maintaining the Cutlers’ Hall and running Cutlers’ Hall Hospitality as a business.

The Chief Executive leads a small focussed team to manage the three entities: ‘The Company of Cutlers in Hallamshire’ which is similar to a livery company in London but includes the hospitality operation, ‘The Cutlers’ Hall Preservation Trust’ whose purpose is to preserve the Hall and the collections therein and ‘The Cutlers’ Company Charitable Trust’ which supports local charities and organisations.

We are looking to identify an individual that will have all the attributes of a flexible, calm, inspirational leader, capable of respecting the traditions of the Company whilst helping to ensure the Company’s continual evolution as a relevant organisation whose work extends both regionally and nationally.

We look forward to meeting the long list candidates.

Yours sincerely,
Nicholas D O Williams TD DL
The Master Cutler, 2019-2020