A message from the Finance Director

Our Finance function is undergoing a period of substantial change driven by the changing needs of the business.

The current team are all located in London and utilise the Elite Enterprise practice management system (PMS).

We have taken the strategic decision to relocate the Finance function to the Leeds office and this will be followed by a major project to update the PMS to one that is more appropriate for the needs of our business. We have taken some initial steps in identifying a short-list of systems and final decisions will be made once the relocation has been completed. As an interim measure, we have recently installed a new reporting package – Iridium.

This is a great time to join the Finance team. We have an opportunity to build a new and vibrant team, in one of the fastest growing commercial centres in the UK and we are looking for highly ambitious people who are excited by the journey we are embarking upon.

The most successful candidates will be those for whom questioning the status quo is second nature. You will also be a creative thinker who is keen to bring a fresh approach to what you do. Excellent communication skills and the ability to build relationships across all levels within the firm are a must. Importantly you will take pride in all aspects of your work and be motivated by our vision of establishing a true partnership between the Finance team and the business for the sustainable growth of the firm.

John Campbell
Finance Director