Bury Hospice

Thank you for your interest in becoming the Chief Executive of our Hospice.

Having admitted its first patients on 24th June 1991, Bury Hospice has since gone onto provide invaluable palliative and end of life (EOL) care to hundreds of local residents as well as supporting their families and in doing so has secured a place dear to the hearts of many people across Bury and the wider area.

Our patients and families are at the heart of everything we do and our ambition is to help even more people to have quality of life to end of life. Without the tireless work of all of our colleagues, whether they be paid or voluntary, Bury Hospice would not be able to carry out the excellent work that we do today.

However, the recent global pandemic has brought the subject of palliative and EOL care to the forefront of the minds of an ever increasing number of our residents. Our Trustees believe now is the time to reset the scale of ambition for our Hospice and the care it provides and in appointing a new Chief Executive, begin a step change in the impact we make across the whole of our community.

We are rightly regarded as a community asset but we believe we can do more.

Delivering the palliative and EOL care needs of all communities within the Metropolitan Borough of Bury, we are committed to reshaping the way that each community believes our services can best serve their needs. We are “In the community, for the community, about the community”, valuing diversity and equality and respecting, considering and consulting with all and as such we are also committed to refreshing the relationships with a number of external stakeholders with a view to not only being the ‘go to’ place for strategic input on the subject of EOL care in its broadest sense, but also to play a full role in the widest sense as a true partner to a range of institutions across Bury.

Our vision is under-pinned by the need to focus more on early support and intervention, working closely with our community partners to support the development of resilient local communities. Our focus is to provide fully integrated care at the heart of all pathways but also to broaden our services to fill the gaps in EOL care wherever they are most needed whilst continuing to provide excellent support through our Inpatient Unit, Living Well Centre, Outpatient Clinics and Bereavement Support.

Our new Chief Executive will play a key role in resetting and reshaping our scale of ambition both internally and externally and we hope that you are as excited about exploring, shaping and delivering the additional ways in which we can provide much needed support in our community as we are.

Good luck with your application.

Chris Claydon-Butler,