Bluebell Wood

We are a team

Fundraising has developed so much in the past few years, and is becoming a desirable career choice for people from a diverse range of sectors.

What makes a fundraiser successful? You need empathy, understanding and a passion for the cause and the people who support it. You also need to help others feel that passion, and operate in a professional way to reach out to individuals and business to develop positive relationships.

Our Fundraisers have a unique ability to engage genuinely with our supporters and show them just how important they are. At the end of it all we’re here to generate money to keep our Hospice running for every family that need us.

Our vision at Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice is to make every day the best it can be for children and families in our care, helping them to live fulfilling lives full of love and laughter, and to support them in making magical memories. We work hard, innovate, create, push conventional boundaries and go the extra mile every day to make this happen.

I am looking for new team members that are passionate about their community and making positive change within it, and have had exposure to the professional workplace, giving them the ability to promote the great work that Bluebell Wood does. You should be sure of your approach and have the confidence to make the ‘ask’. Without the tenacity of our Fundraisers and their support for one another, we would not reach our £5m annual target.

The culture of my team is one of creativity, growth, ambition and most importantly trust - this is my secret recipe for success - and it’s a team you could be a part of.

We are just normal people with a drive to make a very exceptional difference to the lives of those we support. Are you in?

Samantha Wood,
Head of Fundraising