About us

Ashgate Hospice is an independent registered charity that provides specialist palliative care, both in the hospice and community settings, for adults in North Derbyshire. The needs of the patients, their families, friends and carers are fundamental to the philosophy of the hospice. Our aim is to enable people with palliative care requirements to have access to appropriate professional assistance and care and to help patients achieve the best possible quality of life in accordance with their wishes.

The Hospice has 24-hour medical availability, the medical team being led by two Consultants in Palliative Medicine and, with its full range of services provided by a multi-disciplinary team, is at the forefront of specialist palliative care provision. The team includes Doctors, Nurses, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Social Workers, Lymphoedema team and Chaplain and a Support Staff team of Caterers, Stewards, Housekeepers, Drivers, Groundsman, Administrative, Finance and Fundraising staff.

The Hospice employs 310 staff in clinical and support positions helped by an additional 730 volunteers in 800 roles who assist in the Hospice, with fundraising and at the Hospice Charity Shops.

Ashgate Hospice plays a key strategic role in the wider health community in North Derbyshire. Our strategy to support more people in their own homes is a direct reflection of the feedback we get from patients and their families, as well as the growth in demand and service provision for the local community.