Positive feedback

We are on a journey to be the best at what we do in all the markets and geographies in which we operate and although we pride ourselves on living up to this in everything we do, every day it’s your views that shape whether we achieve this goal. Your feedback is vital to us doing things better and we want you to tell us about it so we can either do more of the things that you like or thought went well or stop doing the things that you don’t think you need us to do. If you feel that there was some aspect of what we did that was either really good, or could be improved, please let me know directly or use the email address below. Your feedback will be completely confidential unless you tell me otherwise.

Charity & Not-for-Profit Recruitment in Yorkshire & Humber

Contact Paula Barber on:
T: 07858 518 413
E: pbarber@brewsterpartners.co.uk

Paula Barber

Accountancy & Finance Recruitment for Yorkshire & Humber

Contact Richard Chamberlain on:
T: 07773 256 098
E: rchamberlain@brewsterpartners.co.uk

Richard Chamberlain

Professional & Technical Support Recruitment for Yorkshire & Humber

Contact Lisa Brewster on:
T: 07799 410 817
E: lbrewster@brewsterpartners.co.uk

Lisa Brewster

Professional & Technical Leadership & Management Recruitment

Contact Natalie Poskitt on:
T: 07798 938 892
E: nposkitt@brewsterpartners.co.uk
or Pete Shillito on:
T: 07792 268 685
E: pshillito@brewsterpartners.co.uk

Natalie Poskitt Pete Shillito

Neil Edwards

Central / Operation Support

Contact Sarah Wilding on:
T: 07943 354 948
E: swilding@brewsterpartners.co.uk

Sarah Wilding

Alternatively, if you would feel more comfortable or it is more appropriate, please contact Nigel Brewster directly on 07758 112 002 or nbrewster@brewsterpartners.co.uk

Nigel Brewster