Getting the most from headhunters


A great way to advance your career

A headhunter can provide a substantive effect on your career with minimal work on your part, which means they can be excellent people to know. They work on behalf of organisations and match the most suitable candidates to the executive roles available.

Successful headhunters depend heavily on their network of contacts and the best ones build an excellent reputation within the sectors in which they specialise. What’s more, headhunters have inside access to jobs that haven’t been advertised, so, if you can make a great impression with them, you’re half way to moving up the career ladder.

Sounds great, however, to get the most from a headhunter, there’s a few things we advise.

Always take a call from a headhunter

Even if you’re not actively looking for another challenge, it’s useful to broaden your network of contacts.

Be honest

Holding back information may hinder your job search and make you look untrustworthy. Always be honest.

Cut the jargon

Being specific and showing measurable results helps to paint a picture of how suitable you are for a role.

Don’t assume a headhunter will do all the work

Being specific and showing measurable results helps to paint a picture of how suitable you are for a role.

Be the right person for the job

Tailor your CV for each position. No one wants to read irrelevant information. Spell out why you are qualified for that particular job.

Know what you’re good at

Know what you’re good at and what job you want. It’s not the headhunters job to extract what job you’re after.

Be employed already

Organisations don’t use headhunters to search for unemployed candidates. They want candidates with flourishing careers.

Not qualified, don’t apply

This stands to reason, however be realistic. Applying for a job that you’re not qualified for wastes everyones time.

Ask questions

A good headhunter should know as much about the hiring organisation as the hiring manager.

Talk money

Financial compensation needs to be laid out on the table early to ensure both parties are in the same ball park.

Don’t harrass

One of the biggest turn offs is to harrass a headhunter with numerous calls and emails. This can also look desperate.

Finally, be courteous

Being pleasant to a headhunter pays dividends. When the right job comes up, an headhunter will contact you.

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